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  • General discussion

  • It revolves around many related concepts, models and patterns. Primary principle will be to achieve the primary objective that is to develop the application, which will meet the entire requirement. Now the question will arises:

    • How ease to build to implement the design?
    • How much time is required?
    • What is cost?
    • How it will be maintained?
    • Is it a tempering proof?
    • Whether this is scalable?
    • What will be Load balancing factor?
    • Performance wise acceptable or not?


    Enterprise Application architecture can be viewed in separate angles as follows:


    • Business architecture: the business processes and supporting organizational structure
    • Application/software architecture: the architecture of applications that support the business processes
    • Technology architecture: addressing the infrastructure that supports the applications
    • Information/data architecture: addressing the information that supports the applications


    The whole process is having the following steps:

    • Conception
    • Decomposition
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Coding
    • Implementation
    • Maintenance


    The whole process can follow either the waterfall model, spiral model or prototype model but on top of this certain principles can be implemented for achieving the ultimate feasible solution. That is the object oriented principles. While doing any of the job we need to keep in mind the background process regarding the object oriented principles i.e. concept of reusability, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism.


    If we consider the analysis we see OOA, for designing OOD, for selecting language OOL, for programming OOP. In this whole process the key thing is the architecture which bridges between the requirements and implementation. Now implementation comprises two components:

    • Modeling which can be understood by the programmers/developers i.e. Internal Users, conceptual as well as implementation point of view; I mean to say that the developer can understand clearly to create the expected by using the appropriate technologies. It should be technically perfect.
    • The ultimate application which will be useful to the end user i.e. External Users. It should be functionally efficient.
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