Entitity Framework: Change tracking in SOA with POCO approach RRS feed

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  • In our layered application, we are accessing database via WCF calls. We are creating and disposing contexts per request. Also we are using POCO approach.

    My question is, in pure POCO model (completely persistent ignorant POCOs) is it possible to track the changes, while we are creating and disposing context per request (as previous context is disposed in that service call)? If yes how EF handles this situation? As far as I can see 2 mechanisms (snapshot based change tracking and notification based change tracking with proxies) will not be able to handle this? If not, how should we handle context so that we are able to track the changes?

    I also posted it to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2314995/entitity-framework-change-tracking-in-soa-with-poco-approach

    Tuesday, February 23, 2010 12:10 AM