Store Procedure Executes in SSMS but not ADF V2


  • Why the difference when running a stored procedure from ADF V2 (via a Lookup activity) vs SSMS.

    The stored procedure performs an insert into a table and only returns a rowcount. The query in this stored procedure does need some improvements.  Regardless of improvements needed, it runs in ssms but not in adf.

    In SSMS (Sql Azure Database), it takes 1:15 hrs

    In ADF V2 (after running 5hrs), the job just dies.  The monitor just shows a "Cancelled" status but doesn't show any error message at all.

    Not sure why the difference since everything is performed inside the stored proc.


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  • We found out there is a 1hr timeout limit for a lookup activity eve though the timeout property indicates it can be 7 days.


    Monday, August 6, 2018 7:02 PM