Copy a Table from outlook msg body to Excel on receiving mail RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I want to copy a table from an email in outlook to excel automatically whenever I get a mail with subject "Tasks - <currentdate-month>" using VBA/macros

    I get at least 10 mails each day throughout the month with the same subject. The email body contains a table in the following table format

    AssociateName Task Onshore Estimated hrs

    A <task> osA 8

    B <Task2> osA 8

    C <Tsk3> osA 8

    D <Task4> osB 8

    Each onshore lead will assign a task to their respective offshore associate. So each mail contains only few cells which are filled. For ex, onshore A will only assign task to associate A, B, and C in the above table. He fills associate name,task,onshore and estimated hrs and sends me back. Same way, Onshore B will assign task to few associates with task and estimated hrs.

    So I need a macro code which triggers itself upon the mail arrrival with subject "Tasks - <Current Date - Month>" and writes only the columns A, B,C, D which are filled. The second mail trigger should write from the next column in the excel [appending the same excel sheet]

    It would be of great help if someone can provide me the code as I have a target set for me by my manager[jan4].

    thank u in advance

    Monday, December 28, 2015 6:50 PM

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