Using EAS to sync mails, appointments from the Exchange RRS feed

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    We have a web application which can be used by the customers to send/receive emails. The application provide a way to send/receive emails from Exchange. Till now, we are using a POLL based mechanism, where we poll/send mails from/to Exchange using EWS.

    However, since we will be having customers in figures of 10,000, we don't want to poll each customer mailboxes one by one. Therefore we are looking for some alternatives.

    1) We are thinking of using EAS protocol to send/receive email out of the application. I did a quite searching on the net but doesn't find out how  much onformation there. And therefore have a few question regarding the same as I want to analyze if EAS will work in our case.

       *)How does the EAS typically works. I meant how does it sync mail between client and exchange? Does it get a notification from the exchange and then sync the mail?

        *) If it gets a notification, do the client initiate the connection and keep the connection open, ordo we need to proivde an endpoint whihc will be used by the exchange to push the notification (similar to what happen in EWS push notification)

        *)Do you think it will work with a large customer base in figure of 1000s. I am asking this because if it keeps the connection open, then we won't want to make so many connection simultaneously with the exchange.


    Any help or other ideas are welcomed.





    Friday, April 15, 2011 9:43 AM