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  • is this worth mentioning about pc pro clean that i rang as i did not get the discount of the product of 20 pounds i have pc mech 6 months old and when i downloaded pcpro clean saying i had over 500 probs used it to cear pc thenran again no problems then pc mech ran and said over twenty problems on the same subjecy (whos lying.the 6 month old cheaper pc mech or pc proclean that says i have no problems).when i rang them they tried being helpful by going into my pc to solve any issues i had,then the employee told me i needed tech help.i was transferred to be told(as he was looking at my pc)you have a lot of problems it will cost (typed not spoken)it will cost just under 400 pounds !!ouch!!.I Replied with i can not afford that and his response was you can afford it you have 3 computers in the house and i pads.he kept trying diff tactics and offering oyher deals on the produc chepest being 250 pounds and would not take no for answer,many people may have good reports about pc pro but as i looked on the net the first to come up was pc pro scam the rest of the page was how to uninstall pc pro(good advertising)least they got a hole web page or two for no cost of there own (mean uninstall options)so is this worth a mention?

    Saturday, February 6, 2016 4:45 AM