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    You have increased the selling minimum by 50c, we as a developers we think this not enough, we suggest a minimum selling price of $5-$10. the reason behind this involves store market/category economic dynamics for example when you have competition between apps in a category it results in developers reducing the prices to a degree that it wont be profitable (imagine a company of 50 people selling an app for $1.50 because competition dictates it does, even though they have power over pricing, competition will force them to sell low), increasing the minimum selling price will allow  room even when competition is very intense, it still allows profitability, with over 500 000 apps in a store we think its necessary and also pushes developers to better their apps to beat competition rather than be forced to lower their prices to end up making losses and hurting the ecosystem as a side effect. In the worst case scenario if a competitor chooses to go free, then the only option is to follow them or keep selling at that price and add features to your app and increase marketing since the developer will have a better financial cushion because of purchases. Please note in real life economics the government of a country does intercede in private markets to stabilise product and price activities e.g product regulations, price subsidies, competition laws etc.In this case MSFT is the government of its ecosystem. A higher minimum allows profitability during intense competition and has the potential of drawing more developers to the ecosystem because of better minimum margins.


    Its primary that windows has a developer store, this where developers sell each other solutions, like templates, code and other solutions to each other, this helps you to also offload work and cost to help and engage with developers, if developers where given a central platform to help, engage, sell and buy with one another it will make the ecosystem more efficient, profitable and healthy. This should be applicable also to all other products, like Office, SharePoint, windows phone, server tools etc.To make it feasible  financially it would be better for every seller to pay an annual/monthly listing fee. The idea here is to create an economy based on the same objectives of MSDN but making it better for developers who sell to other developers only.


    Developers in other ecosystems(iOS and android) complain about the heavy load (financially, strategically etc) of marketing their products, this is one reason many (70%+) are making losses, one way to fix this is to a have a Metro News Apps that covers the software industry, just like any other industry like the motor or deco industry they all have websites, blogs or apps, so shall it be done for windows apps store but directed towards consumers not developers like MSDN, it should be filled with featured apps article, developer interviews, news articles, future trends, etc like any other magazine. This will expose a lot to the users and get them involved too and help developers market their brand or apps too.


    You need to categorise by consumer, business and home apps. mixing the three up confuses users, some home apps are coupled with hardware e.g a washing machine and its app, house security system and its app, home entertainment system and its app. Business productivity apps are not suited for home or individuals even though side loading in this category is primary and should be implemented. Please note that user want solutions not just apps. Business have ERP's how about home and family apps, they need solutions too such, security solutions, enterainmen etc.


    Please invest more on banking and ecommerce apps. For ecommerce apps rather than sellers having to build their infrastructure build one for them, similar to for apps on windows 8 and windows phone 8. Nothing is more personal that banking and shopping on Personal Computers. They can use Microsoft Access, excel and word to manage stores.


    We suggest Microsoft Store App (not mixed with the software store), which sell PC's and accessories, this will obviously sell PC hardware and accessories to windows customers, this has obvious financial returns, but it also helps to complete the ecosystem and helps windows customers find reliable recommended hardware that goes with their windows PC's . And will also helps developers who have apps that are completed with a particular hardware that they sell as complete product including the app, this major differentiator as developers can sell complete solutions using both store. Example Bluetooth or NFC health wrist watch (monitors heart rate, blood pressure etc) and its app . Not only should the store sell PCs also components like RAM, Cables, external drives etc this also makes into an all in one store too. This allows you to sell directly and not have rely on a middle man sellers that usually direct customers to some apple or android device.


    Please note, Software ecosystems are an economies on their own, please treat them as such. There is a colossal amount of value in this ecosystems not just financially, but on a user and developer point of view too, so please, take the effort of re-imagining the widows ecosystem as a whole, there are mathematical models(user, platform and developer exchange dynamics) you can use similar to general economics models to help optimise this ecosystem this where the future is going.

    Saturday, September 22, 2012 2:36 PM