EWS Digitally signed emails have empty body after upgrade from Exchange 2007 SP1 to Exchange 2013 RRS feed

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  • we have a problem with upgrade from Exchange 2007 SP1 to Exchange 2013. We are using ews to get emails from specific folder. Code looks like this:

    private List<Item> GetAllItems(string folderId)
            Folder inbox = Folder.Bind(m_Exchange, folderId);
            List<Item> m_ListOfItems = new List<Item>();
            ItemView itemView = new ItemView(int.MaxValue);
            FindItemsResults<Item> items = inbox.FindItems(itemView);
            foreach (Item item in items)
            return m_ListOfItems;

    Our problem with Exchange 2013 is when the email is digitally signed, in this case email body is empty. For other emails its just fine for both plaintext/html email types. Also this code works well even for digitally signed emails on Exchange 2007 SP1.

    Is anybody familiar with this problem?


    Friday, November 28, 2014 9:19 AM