What are high and low values in sharepoint 2013 user permissions?


  • So I hit this api:


    And got the different high and low values. But I am not clear with what they mean:

    For eg:

    High: 176, Low: 138612833


    High: 176, Low: 138612801

    So for different values of Low how does it change the permissions?

    For 176 its binary is 10110000. So looking at this table here:

    I can understand that 176 would mean the following set of permissions:

    • DeleteVersions
    • OpenItems
    • ApproveItems

    But what's confusing me is, that user has OpenItems permissions but not ViewListItems permission? Am I wrong in understanding this?

    Also how does the value of Low change the overall user permissions?

    Note: I looked at this answer:

    But honestly I cant understand what that means. Can someone help please?

    Monday, January 13, 2014 5:52 AM