Azure MS Graph Messaging API


  • Hi, I've dug through documentation on this topic, and have implemented the messaging API update. I had a couple of technical q

    1. My first question is whether doing an update on the body using the update API messes with PKI and DKIM mail signatures, or does the update occur after those checks are done? Is there any documentation around this?

    2. When a subscription push request is done, does it happen in parallel to all mail clients receiving the push, (i.e the body may not have updated by the time a client receives the mail) or can you delay pushing to clients until the update completes? (I ask because I believe Mac Mail clients retrieve mail and cache it very heavily - so if it does happen in parallel and the update hasn't completed Mac Mail won't re-request any new changes and therefore the update won't be noticed on the client.

    Is there anyway to prioritise subscriptions/push requests to deal with this? Otherwise you can never be sure the update was actually seen.



    Friday, April 7, 2017 11:27 AM