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    I am developing commercial software for the Windows platform that I would like to make as backwards compatible as possible. In fact, I would like my code to run on platforms from Win 7 back to Win 95. The problem is, my code makes API calls to the Shell32.dll. Shell32.dll was inculded in Windows 95 but it was an early version that didn't not contain the functions that I am accessing and thus causes problems for my code on that platform. I am aware that specifying to the end use that they must install Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher 'with the shell extensions' will rectify this problem but this is annoying and difficult to understand for the end user and it would be nice if the problem could just be prevented in the first place. My question therefore is, is it legal for me to redistribute the Shell32.dll (say version 4.71 or so) with the installation package of my software or not... because that would be great because it would just wipe the problem out...

    I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Thanks for any light you can shed. :-)

    EnCoda. :-)

    P.S. I'm almost sure I have posted this thread in the wrong place. I'm sorry, I'm new to the forum and I couldn't seem to find an appropriate place...

    Sunday, November 14, 2010 7:51 AM