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  • I want to add some tables to the existing publication.I have done this by using "Turn off @allow_anonymous and @immediate_sync on the publication".

    After this, when checked it is showing the new snapshot created only for the new tables and the data is replicating to secondary successfully for all tables(new and old) successfully.I can see all articles once re-created the snapshot.

    I have small doubt here.

    If the snapshot has only new articles how it is replicating the other tables records also.If we add the tables like this method, is there any impact on tables which we created in old snapshot.

    Sorry if it is a trivial question.

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  • Hi mito,

    If you turn off the @allow_anonymous and @immediate_sync on the publication and add some tables to the existing publication, when you start snapshot agent using sp_startpublication_snapshot, the old published tables will be locked and then a new snapshot for new articles will be generated.

    Besides, data in new articles is applied to new tables on subscriber by the new snapshot, while data in old tables is applied to old tables on subscriber by the old snapshot, and there is no impact on tables created in old snapshot.

    However, if you enable @immediate_sync,the entire snapshot will be applied but not the new snapshot for new articles alone. You can view your snapshot generated details using the following script:

     use distribution go
    select * from dbo.MSsnapshot_history

    For more information of re-initializing a single article in replication, please refer to this link: http://vivekharshranjan.blogspot.com/2011/12/re-initializing-single-article-in.html

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