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  • Hi everyone,

    just a few quick questions if anyone has the time. I am developing a project where a unmanned vehicle flies through a city. The route it takes is generated by  Genetic Programming (GP).


    1. Is the robot created within the studio created as a class (i.e. with methods and attributes)?

    2. I am assuming that things like lighting and collision detection are (or can be) handled automatically. Would I be right in this assumption?

    3. Would there be any particular difficulty. in this environment, in implementing a flying robot?

    Apologies if these questions seem rather basic and I know I could find this out by downloading, but time is quite short and I don't really have the time to explore a potential blind alley. A reply from someone who already knows would be invaluable.

    Thanks in advance,


    Monday, June 4, 2007 10:42 AM


  • Simon,


    It sounds like an interesting project. I don't have very much experience in the simulator but robotics studio uses a service model to support robots (either hardware or virtual robots). Services are created using classes that extend services from DSS and use concurrency features from CCR, which are the two core engines behind the product. Also the simulator is implemented on top of XNA Framework and uses a physics engine that makes a lot of lower level code transparent to the developer.


    You can learn more about the MSRS Simulation environment here:



    I recommend you download MSRS and see the samples.



    Monday, June 11, 2007 4:02 PM