Multitenant sharding solution design of Azure SQL Database or white paper RRS feed

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  • Hi MVP's or Azure SQL Database experts,

    I am looking for a solution or white paper of a design of Azure SQL Database. We currently have a db that has all its tenant in a single db, replicated in our data center.

    If we wish to isolate a tenant (not entire db but customer X) to lets say geo location (Europe), I read that Azure SQL Database supports it but not sure how it works, does it do load balance or replication within the boundary or it will sync with our primary one? (e.g Primary in US East, Tenant in Europe North, Replication is Europe South)

    What if we want the data only reside in that location but query from primary, is it location agnostic.

    Does it shard the database in a way that only that tenant information is at the specific location?

    Would it be location agnostic for our app server that it will query the db and it will know all the location of it.

    Would there be any latency issues, e.g people in US/Canada trying to access data that is in Europe?

    Does anyone know any white paper on this, I dont think we are the first to do that any info would be great.

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017 7:13 PM