1) Can u write C++ native code apps for Win8? 2) As Win32? 3)What's with "Consumer"? Is there a "Professional" edition? RRS feed

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  • Just started learning & writing some VC++ Win32 native code Console App's.

    Now looking forward to Windows 8 application development and porting an existing application... if necessary.

    So I just got here to Windows 8 today and hope to install the available version later this week so hopefully some kind soul will answer a few questions for a newbie...

    (Not all of these questions are C++ specific but I'll be darn'd if I can find where to post them where knowledgeable people will answer them... but I'm sure other late-to-the-party C++ developers will be interested in the information.)

    1 - Will you still be able to write C++ native code applications for Windows 8? (No MSIL &/or JIT client side compiler, etc)

    2 - Using Visual C++ Express... would you continue to create your projects as Win32 Console App's to accomplish the above?

    3 - I see Windows 8 billed as Windows 8 "Consumer"... Will there be a "Professional" or "Enterprise" version released later?

    4 - Is the currently downloadable version of Windows 8 stable enough to begin serious Application Development for Business/Industry Application Development?

    5 - What is the proper place to download the currently available Windows 8 OS? (is it called a beta version?)

    6 - What are the minimum requirements for it run? (Will it run on an old Intel Pentium 3 or 4 1.x Ghz with 1GB Ram  or does it require a dual core and a few GB of ram at a min?)

    7 - Are all the Windows XP & Windows 7 API's still available?

    8 - What about MFC?

    9 - As you can switch back and forth between Win8 Metro & Classic View... are there different rules/approaches for developing applications for Metro vs Classic/Traditional?

    10 - As there are bound to be more dev questions that do not exclusively apply to C++ development... can someone suggest a good forum for general type Win8 dev questions?

    I'm sure I can spend a few days reading and reading and reading and dig all this out but I'm hopeful some one will quick start me.

    I really appreciate any help. Thanks.

    Monday, March 26, 2012 2:34 PM


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  • 1. Yes. C++/Cx is native code. You cannot use managed C++ in Metro style apps.

    2. At present, Visual Studio 11 Express targets only Metro style apps. You can build desktop apps with the full Visual Studio 11 Beta.

    3. This is a Consumer Preview. That is not related to the different SKUs you mention, which have not been announced.

    5,6: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview

    7,8: Desktop apps use (essentially) the same API on Windows 8 as on earlier versions of Windows

    9: Yes. Please start with the "learn" link at the top of the forums for information about Metro style app programming

    10: This forum is for discussion of Metro style app programming only. For discussion of desktop app development please post in the Windows Desktop Development Forums.

    For discussion of installing and using the OS (rather than writing programs) please post in the Windows 8 sections on TechNet (for IT Pro discussions) or http://answers.microsoft.com (for general consumer issues).


    Monday, March 26, 2012 3:32 PM
  • Rob,

    Thank you for your very helpful response that was exactly what I needed to begin the Windows 8 applications development journey.


    Monday, March 26, 2012 7:28 PM