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  • This is an awesome first version! I'm speaking to some 8th graders on programming this winter and I'm definitely going to show this to them.

    Couple suggestions,

    Don't fail to compile when you don't type the parentheses "()" at the end of every method, not even VB.NET requires you to do that ;-) Otherwise automatically insert them. Make it easier on the kids. Same with the If statement, why require parentheses for the expression?

    Debugging is tough but I'm sure that's coming. What would be really cool is to do this more interactively so that as you typed, the program actually executed the line, similar to where they are going with VB 10 and dynamic languages.

    Also I have a consistent crash calling Imagelist.GetWidthOfImage (GetHeightOfImage works fine). And I was having trouble locating the language reference, is there one? For instance I can't get this to work:

    x = ""

    If (x <> "") Then
      TextWindow.WriteLine("This always prints")

    The line always prints so how do I test for the empty string?

    Thanks and AWESOME JOB!

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    Friday, October 24, 2008 8:57 PM