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    I'm working on an implementation of an ICompletionSource object for Intellisense. In creating a CompletionSet object for the AugmentCompletionSession() method I've come across a parameter called CompletionBuilders. It's in the constructor for the CompletionSet class:

    CompletionSet( string moniker, string displayName, ITrackingSpan applicableTo, IEnumerable < Completion > completions, IEnumerable < Completion > completionBuilders);

    I see that it is a list of Comletion objects. I just don't know what it is used for. There is no documentation on it and in all the examples that I've been able to find, this is always null. Can you tell me what the completions in the CompletionBuilders list do?



    Dwight Fowler
    Lead Developer - Toad Extension for Visual Studio
    Quest Software, Inc. 

    Quantum Mechanic
    Thursday, January 13, 2011 11:34 PM


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