Numbers and date format in Visual Studio Reports (.rdlc)


  • I am using an english version of visual studio 2005. I am from a spanish spoken country (CHILE!). Until now when I program, I can change the format of numbers and dates to the formats use in my country. The problem is that I need to format numbers in the reports (reportviewer) that I create in visual studio. The reports are in the format .rdlc.

    I need that the numbers have as a decimal separator a comma (,) and as a number separator of thousands a period (.).

    In the case of date format, instead of showing the report the day "Monday, 12 of Febrary", I need to appear the name "Lunes 12 de febrero".

    How can I do this in my reports since I have a english version of the program??

    Thanks in advance



    Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:53 PM


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