Why is flag and flagField in the exchangeServiceBinding.GetItem(getItemType) response set to null RRS feed

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  • I have a message on my 2013 Exchange mailbox that is flagged (either for followup or complete), and I use an exchangeServiceBinding call through a managed API to get this message.

    The response to this call has the Flag property and the flagField set to null, even though I manually set the flag using a mouse click. you can see the flag as having been set in red or a check mark to show flagged complete.

    The objects I'm inspecting are :

    myPackage.ExchangeWebServices.ItemType {myPackage.ExchangeWebServices.MessageType}


    Flag null myPackage.ExchangeWebServices.FlagType
    flagField null myPackage.ExchangeWebServices.FlagType

    Why would the flag be retirned as null when it is clearly set?

    Am I looking in the right place? ItemType and ItemType.MessageType have other values I'm looking for set correctly; like Subject, Sensitivity, isRead, From, To etc. 

    Thursday, October 3, 2013 3:45 PM