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    I'm in the process of evaluating various storage types for our projects and I need some guidance.

    The writeup in the below link says that "General-purpose v1 accounts" and "BlobStorage accounts" are legacy.


    Does this mean then that the only option that we should be chosing, in the "Create Storage Account" screen, is 
    "Storage V2 (general purpose V2)" and ignore "Storage (general purpose V1)" and BlobStorage?


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    Thursday, February 6, 2020 2:54 PM


  • General Purpose V2: StorageV2 is the newest type of storage account and it combines the V1 storage with Blob storage. It offers all the latest features such as access tiers for Blob storage with a reduction in costs. Microsoft recommends using this account type over the V1 and Blob storage account type.

    These account delivers the lower per-gigabytes capacity price for Azure Storage.

    General-purpose v2 storage accounts support the latest Azure Storage features and incorporate all of the functionality of general-purpose v1 and Blob storage accounts. General-purpose v2 accounts are recommended for most storage scenarios. General-purpose v2 accounts deliver the lowest per-gigabyte capacity prices for Azure Storage, as well as industry-competitive transaction prices. General-purpose v2 accounts support default account access tiers of hot or cool and blob level tiering between hot, cool, or archive.

    There are more integration options with GPv2 accounts including Ex: Azure Function Triggers via Event Grid. Ref: Microsoft Azure Documentation - Azure Blob storage bindings for Azure Functions and more other services.

    Blob-only storage accounts are supported for blob input and output bindings but not for blob triggers. Blob storage triggers require a general-purpose storage account.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thursday, February 6, 2020 3:07 PM