Outlook and Activesync Calendar sync error support code 1


  • I have a recurring appointment that won't sync from my notebook running outlook 2007 beta to my windows mobile 5.0 PDA via activesync 4.1. I get a message in activesync that says,
    after I click in active sync on the failure indicator, that an appointment failed to syncronize, gives the appointment, and says Support Code 1.

    I have deleted and added this appointment back many times, and deleted the partnership and recreated it. Nothing works.

    There are actually two recurring private appointments marked as free that cover the same dates at two different times of day, there is also a longstanding all-day event during this time frame.

    I finally had to add the appointments in the PDA then sync to outlook 2007 beta to get them in both places with no errors. 

    Anyone else see anything like this?


    Tuesday, June 20, 2006 12:06 AM