Generate RDLC line chart report with combained two report in 2005. RRS feed

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    Hi all,

    I trying to genereate the rdlc report in VS-2005 by combaining  two diffrent reports,

    The graph is pretty good when I diplay it in the report in 2005. However when I deploy to Dev server which is 2008 env, I only see the markers.

    Cannot see the lines connecting the markers. Can someone tell me what is the reason for this? 

    in 2005 deployment environment its working fine, 


    X axis          1/Aug/2014    4/Aug/2014   8/Aug/2014      8/Aug/2014            10/Aug/2014             11/Aug/2014

    Y axis            2                    4                        6                  8                              10                        12

    For Report 1

      X axis data -     1/Aug/2014    4/Aug/2014       10/Aug/2014     

      Y axis datat-       2.1                    3.0                    6.0

    For Report 2 

      X axis data -     1/Aug/2014    4/Aug/2014        8/Aug/2014            10/Aug/2014             11/Aug/2014                 

      Y axis datat-       6                    4                          6                          5                                 6.5

    When I combained above reports the line will not ploted by joining those points because in 2005 they handle null to draw a line i.e. for 8/Aug no data avail in first report after 

    4 Aug, data is avail for 10 Aug only but second report has the value for 8 Aug at this point 8 Aug has not data (line not to ZERO postion in x axis) at this point line is not connecting the points. 

    But Line draw for the report success fully in 2005 environment by connecting the point of those date i.e 4 the 10 Aug, but in 2008 environment point only marked line not ploted it won't connect those points.

    I need this

    This this expected result which works in 2005

    Its come like this

    Its come as below

    Solution plz

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 5:33 AM

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    it may be related with environment settings in sql server 2008,you can google about it

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014 5:37 AM