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    I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to use Linq EntityModel to exploit data coming from several data repository (Ex: 2 AS400 and 1 SQL Server  database) in the same time.

    Typically, i would have to propose updatable screens with data mixed from these 3 sources.

    I think that exposing data over WCF would be a good approach, but i'm afraid about the complexity of the data persistence layer.


    Some colleagues told me about Springs, but i don't really know this tool.

    I had the opporunity to work with NHibernate, but i felt disapointed when i had to develop complex screens using data coming from almost 10 different entities. May I use dataset, which seems to be more appropriate from the developper's point of view ? No said the architects, because of its non generic structure, its weight, and some other difficulties to put i through the service (wcf) layer.  The only solution i found at this time was to write stored procedures and develop custom entites to map with. See what i mean ?

    I read some good articles about Linq, but i have troubles to find precise topics about the specific proplem of persistence, furhtermore in heterogen data context.

    I you had such experiences and advices about this kind of architecture, please let me know your point of view.









    Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:52 PM