Bug/Change: Desktop.SetWallpaper(url) RRS feed

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  • Earlier today (and yesterday, I was using Desktop.SetWallpaper(url) to pictures from Flickr.RandomPicture()) and the wallpaper would stay.  Now, when executing the SAME code from yesterday, the Wallpaper blinks up on the screen and then resets itself to nothing/black.

    Either Flickr has changed something or something funny is going on.  The Wallpaper blinks up for about .5 to 1 second.  It doesn't matter if program execution is ending or not.


    Edit: Nevermind - found the source - was running more than one copy of the executable - and I guess the bug I reported from before doesn't end the program execution - so the other copies in memory were setting it to BLANK.
    Monday, November 10, 2008 12:41 AM