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  • I hate re-posting this, since I've already placed this in the Configuration thread, but technically speaking, that thread seemed to be mroe about hardware than my actual issue, so here it for the community:


    I'm a student of computer science at the University of Texas at Arlington. Our senior design project, 2nd semester, is working on the construction of a toy that is utilizing as its base the Parallax BOE-Bot Robotics kit.


    Some background information: our kit is the USB version and we have Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition installed on our development box, along with the Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5 and the free Parallax BASICStamp2 Editor. We've also downloaded the sample code and tried out a few tutorials.


    The problem: We've found that you have to have the robot connected via USB (or through Bluetooth) to the machine in order for the Robotics studio to communicate with the robot. This is fine. However, we want to create a the actual software for the toy in C#, transfer it to the BOE-bot, and simply have it automatically run everytime we turn the toy on, once we've transferred the program to it. Is there any way to accomplish this? It seems we would need to run our program natively on the BOE-bot, as opposed to creating a "service" for the DSSHost.


    An Alternative: If running the C# natively isn't a possibility, is there a C# compiler or translator that turns C# code, written in an Object-Oriented paradigm, into the BASICStamp2 native language, PBASIC, or generates the proper object code that can be transferred to the BOE-bot?


    Thanks for your time and sorry for the double listing,

      Ahad L. Amdani

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:34 PM


  • Hi, unfortanutely there is no such C# translator. The BasiStamp processor is very constrained and the C# language targets IL (intermediate language) that cant be trivially targeted to the boebot.


    If you want autonomous robots with boebot + MSRS, then you can take a CE device, like a cellphone, wire it ontop of the boebot and have it communicate with the boebot over bluetooth. The Wimo bot does this with MSRS running in the CE cellphone, talking over bluetooth to lego NXT, etc




    Wednesday, July 18, 2007 5:32 AM