How to create a Mail Enabled Contact in Active Directory and Exchange Server using EWS Proxy class (Code available) RRS feed

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    I want to create a Mail enabled contact through EWS Proxy classes. The contact will have couple of email addresses, one them will be an internal email and other will be a SMTP (external email) address. Can someone paste the code to accomplish this.




          // Create an object of create item type.
          CreateItemType createItemType = new CreateItemType();
          // Because you are creating a contact, save the item in the Contacts folder.
          createItemType.SavedItemFolderId = new TargetFolderIdType();
          DistinguishedFolderIdType contactsFolder = new DistinguishedFolderIdType();
          contactsFolder.Id = DistinguishedFolderIdNameType.contacts;
          createItemType.SavedItemFolderId.Item = contactsFolder;
          createItemType.Items = new NonEmptyArrayOfAllItemsType();
          createItemType.Items.Items = new ItemType[1];
          // Create a contact item type.
          ContactItemType contactItem = new ContactItemType();
          // Set the relevant properties on the contact.
          contactItem.FileAs = "Room Test" + title;
          // Set the contact name and job information.
          contactItem.GivenName = title;
          contactItem.Surname = title;      
          contactItem.CompanyName = "abc";
          // Set a single e-mail address for the contact.
          contactItem.EmailAddresses = new EmailAddressDictionaryEntryType[1];
          EmailAddressDictionaryEntryType address = new EmailAddressDictionaryEntryType();
          address.Key = EmailAddressKeyType.EmailAddress1;
          address.Value = string.Format("{0}", mail);
          contactItem.EmailAddresses[0] = address;
          //EmailAddressDictionaryEntryType address2 = new EmailAddressDictionaryEntryType();
          //address2.Key = EmailAddressKeyType.EmailAddress2;
          //address2.Value = string.Format("{0}", mail);
          //contactItem.EmailAddresses[1] = address2;
          // Set the contact telephone number.
          contactItem.PhoneNumbers = new PhoneNumberDictionaryEntryType[1];
          PhoneNumberDictionaryEntryType phoneEntry = new PhoneNumberDictionaryEntryType();
          phoneEntry.Key = PhoneNumberKeyType.BusinessPhone;
          phoneEntry.Value = "4600000000";
          contactItem.PhoneNumbers[0] = phoneEntry;
          createItemType.Items.Items[0] = contactItem;
          // Send the request to create the contact item; receive the response.
          CreateItemResponseType createItemResponse = service.CreateItem(createItemType);
          // Check the results of the request.
          if (createItemResponse.ResponseMessages.Items.Length > 0 &&
           createItemResponse.ResponseMessages.Items[0].ResponseClass == ResponseClassType.Success)
           ItemInfoResponseMessageType responseMessage = createItemResponse.ResponseMessages.Items[0] as ItemInfoResponseMessageType;
           ContactItemType contactResponse = responseMessage.Items.Items[0] as ContactItemType;
           ExchangeHelper.LogSuccess("Created Contact Item with Id {0} and ChangeKey {1} with ID #" + contactResponse.ItemId.Id + " & Response:" + contactResponse.ItemId.ChangeKey);
           ok = true;
         catch (Exception e)


    Wednesday, February 16, 2011 10:19 PM


  • If you want to create an Active Directory Contact then you need to use the Exchange Management Shell and the new-mailcontact cmdlet. EWS is an API for accessing MailStore contact so can only be used to create Mapi contacts in Mailboxes or Public Folders


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