using SQL Express, linking from MS Access 2010 via ODBC, I get a Error 3251, 'Operation not support for this type of object'


  • I have just converted my MS Access 2010 Back End Database to SQL Express. The conversion was successful and I have re-linked the SQL-Express tables to my MS Access 2010 Front End (Client Version) using the 'External Data' ODBC option on the MS Access Menu.

    When testing the code I get the runtime error 3251 - Operation not supported for this type of object' when I use the SQL-tblname.INDEX = 'PrimaryIndex' followed by the SQLtblname "=", Key1, Key2, Key3. (This is to add new records to the SQL-tblname)

    I have searched the web for answers relating to this error, but none are consistent. My questions are:

    1) Is this error caused by MS Access 2010?

    2) can this error be caused by problems in the Windows Registry (I had suggestions to purchase a registry cleaner product and it will (might) solve the problem, but my experience is that someone wants to make a quick buck. . . . 

    3) I have over 100 such statements (.PrimaryKey .Seek) statements in my MS Access system, so is there a 'quick fix' out there

    Your assistance will be much appreciated. . . .

    Anton Greffrath, Petran Systems (SA)

    Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:03 PM

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