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  • hello i am a student in ict and for school i need to make a project but i cant find an idea for the project the project needs to contain the following criteria i hope to find a intresting idea that i like to realize. already thanks for the responds.

    1. The project consists of the realization of a personal idea, implemented in
    a C # WPF Application.
    2. The app is crash resistant through thoughtful exception handling.
    3. There is at least one exception that you have created yourself (derived from
    4. There is a clear GUI (group boxes, not too many / not too few controls, ...)
    5. The code is made up of logical blocks (methods), that code reuse
    6. By using constantes, lengths of collections, relative paths, ...
    the code can be easily adapted to changed needs.
    7. At least one piece of data is stored in an external file.
    8. Work is done with self-written classes and derivatives thereof.
    9. At least one of the classes above is via a DLL file
    added to the project.
    10. Polymorphism is used in at least one place.
    11. Use LINQ to Objects in at least one place in your app.
    12. There is a link with a (MySQL) database or you get JSON objects
    within which you convert via the NewtonSoft library.
    13. There is at least one extension method that is used correctly.
    14. The app meets expectations (operation).
    15. The deadline for submitting the project has been respected.

    Wednesday, November 6, 2019 3:46 PM


  • One idea is to build a contact list which may appear simple until you first realize to properly does this a handful of database tables are needed coupled with providing add, edit, remove, filtering etc.

    For database operations look at Entity Framework Core.

    If you have never worked with WPF if can be challenging at first so be prepared for this.

    WPF is OOP so if you plan things out properly you will ended up using Interfaces, classes, data binding and more.

    Dependent on your expertise this project might take a week to a month or something in between.

    Rough idea for a database

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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