Way of using GOST crypto algorithm at client side RRS feed

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  • I have to sign the data in the client-side (browser side) with GOST algorithms. I have the PFX file which has a GOST private key associated with it, but I can't import it into Windows. Although I know the password for the file is correct (since I can use the same password to extract the password from the file using JCE) but when I try to import the file into IE with the same password, it says the password is incorrect. Probably IE doesn't recognize the PFX format for this certificate.

    1) So, my question is what other options are left with me? How can I get IE use the GOST certificates?

    2) Even if I import it somehow, how will I do the signing part with CAPICOM because there is no underlying crypto provider in Microsoft that supports GOST algorithms. If I get a CSP for GOST, how can I use it to sign messages using CAPICOM?

    3) Do you know of any GOST CSP's that I can use with Windows?

    Thanks in advance!

    Monday, October 16, 2006 11:27 AM