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    foreach (DataTable table in HRnetObject.Tables)


    ProductNames = (from row in table

    select row.field<string>("ProductName")).Distinct();


    i am getting an error in Select clause as 'Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'string' because it is not a delegate type '
    How to resolve this issue?

    Monday, January 19, 2009 12:01 PM

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  • Are you missing a "using System.Linq"?

    Wayward LINQ Lacky
    Monday, January 19, 2009 4:05 PM
  • Try:

    var ProductNames = table.Select(row => row.field<string>("ProductName")).Distinct();

    This is what the compiler does anyways.  If that doesn't work, check and make sure your return types match.
    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 6:20 PM
  • Greeting!!

    Do following:

    var ProductNames = table.AsEnumerable().Select(p => new string

    Thanks & Regards,

    Asma Khalid


    Mark answer if this helps.

    Thanks & regards, Asma Khalid

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015 12:29 PM
  • DataTable is not Enumerable to use it in the <g class="gr_ gr_21 gr-alert gr_spell undefined ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="21" id="21">linq</g> expressions. You've to make it enumerable.


    So your code should be:

    foreach (DataTable table in HRnetObject.Tables)
    var ProductNames = (from row in table.AsEnumerable()
    select row.Field<string>("ProductName")).Distinct();

    To make this work, you've to include assembly reference to System.Data.DataSetExtensions

    Regards, Karthik

    Thursday, November 12, 2015 12:11 PM