AvroExtractor [IUnstructuredReader.BaseStream.Length] is not supported.


  • Using the AvroExtractor is now broken. Something changed.

    The following Extractor throws error:

            public override IEnumerable<IRow> Extract(IUnstructuredReader input, IUpdatableRow output)
                if (input.Length == 0)
                    yield break;
                using (var genericReader = AvroContainer.CreateGenericReader(input.BaseStream))
                    using (var reader = new SequentialReader<dynamic>(genericReader))
                        foreach (var obj in reader.Objects)
                            foreach (var column in output.Schema)
                                output.Set(column.Name, obj[column.Name]);
                            yield return output.AsReadOnly();

    The problem is in the iterator for reader.Objects needs the Length, but now it is not supported.

    Here is the entire Error:

    The [Length] property of [IUnstructuredReader.BaseStream] is intentionally not supported to avoid ambiguity between the physical length of [IUnstructuredReader.BaseStream] and the logical length of the split of the entire input stream assigned to a vertex.

    A simple solution will be to modify Microsoft.Hadoop.Avro.Container

    From: AvroContainer.CreateGenericReader(input.BaseStream)

    To: AvroContainer.CreateGenericReader(input.BaseStream, input.Length)

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2017 11:18 PM

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  • I have a workaround. not recommended for big files:

    Copy the IUnstructuredReader to a MemoryStream and Read it:

                //workaround pass a MemoryStream instead
                byte[] buffer = new byte[input.Length];
                input.BaseStream.Read(buffer, 0, (int)input.Length);
                var ms = new MemoryStream(buffer);
                using (var genericReader = AvroContainer.CreateGenericReader(ms))

    Please fix the input.BaseStream to support Length, or require a second parameter for CreateGenericReader as posted previously.

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2017 11:39 PM