Question about TextInputPanel when InPlaceState = Expanded RRS feed

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  • I have a project under win7,using Qt4.2.
    In a dialog showEvent,I
    1) g_pTIP->put_AttachedEditWindow(ui.lineedit->winId());
    2) g_pTIP->put_DefaultInPlaceState(InPlaceState_Expanded);
    3) g_pTIP->put_DefaultInputArea(PanelInputArea_Keyboard);

    so that when lineedit has focus,the TIP shows automatically in keyboard mode.
    This works fine.
    While when I close the softkeyboard first and then click blank area of dialog out of lineedit box, the softkeyboard will show first then hide in very short time, as to flash to hide.
    And when I replace InPlaceState_Expanded with InPlaceState_HoverTarget to put_DefaultInPlaceState. It's OK.
    The Question is that I want to show the softKeyboard automatically in keyboard mode, when focusing the lineeditbox?
    Anyone experienced similar issue.
    3X in advance.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 7:35 AM