What does markets selection mean?


  • I am sorry for this embarrassing rudimentary question.  I thought I understood it, but  have just realized that my understanding is probably way off.
    I thought an app can be seen only by the users of the selected markets. To test this, I selected the following markets for an app: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, United Kingdom.  To my surprise, I, who reside in the US, can see the app.  I have tried this on different computers, and all of them are the same – the app is right there.
    BTW, I did look at the MSDN document about “Choosing your markets”.  Unfortunately, it is not specific regarding how an app is presented in selected and unselected markets.
    Could anyone shed some light on this?  What does markets selection mean exactly?


    Friday, February 21, 2014 11:14 PM


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