SP 2007 chaining to open child/related edit form RRS feed

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  • Let me begin with, I am a total Noob and have realized how over my head I am and have probably sprouted many grey hairs in the last 3 weeks trying to find an answer to all my SP problems.

    That being said, I appreciate any and all advice.  I have been reading (and learning) for several months the intricacies of SPD/SP2007/javascript but I still feel in the dark.

    To summarize:  I am creating a survey with chained forms with a one to many relationship.  The "children" are linked to parent via one lookup value (InterviewID) which is linked to the parent ItemID. I have successfully created several workflows which launch after the new parent item is created to create new items in all the "child" lists.  I would like the user to be able to chain from the parent custom newform to the child custom editform and continue to complete the survey/forms.  (Eventually, I would like to add conditional redirects based on current form data, but I am getting ahead of my problem)

    My problem (s)

    1. I have been unable to populate the child custom editform with the current itemID/InterviewID and resulting associated data.  I have attempted RedirectwithItemID and passing the variable with a querystring on the custom form action redirect without success.

    2. I have also been unable to populate a child custom edit form after redirecting from another child custom form by passing the querystring variable "InterviewID" which is a lookup in both lists.  This querystring is also being passed on the redirect action of the custom form button.

    I am sure this sounds ridiculously naive, but again, any help is appreciated. 

    Friday, November 30, 2012 12:20 AM