How to license a component for its use from a Windows 8 Store application?


  • Hi all,

    I need some advise regarding licensing the use of a library which will be used by a final MetroStyle app.

    The library targets the .NET Framework 2.0 and uses a third-party component to license its use by machine. I understand that I must migrate the code of my library to a Portable Library project in order to use it from a Metro-style app and I also know that the component which licenses my library can not be migrated since it is a C++/CLI mixed library.

    The migrated library will be used by a different company (an integrator) to build a MetroStyle app and sell it through the  Windows 8 Store.

    At this point I have two important questions:

    Is there a way to license the use of my library using the Portable Library framework? I don't want to give my library without a license to control its use.
    Is there any supported licensing model for the Windows 8 Store for such a type of software providers who develop components that might be use for other integrators that would develop the final application?

    Thanks in advance.

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