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  • Scenario: We have a team site with a wiki library.  For members of the team site (SPGroup1), the wiki library functions as expected - no issues.  We would like to give access to this wiki library to another SP group (SPGroup2).  SPGroup2 (whose only member is an AD group) will not have access to any other content in this team site.  This has been accomplished by giving the group contribute access to the wiki list.  Access to read and edit the wiki pages works as expected.  However, as soon as a user in SPGroup2 tries to create a new wiki page, they get an access denied error.

    Tech details: When you try to create a new page in a wiki site it calls CreateWebPage.aspx in the _Layouts folder.  Something in the call to this page is requesting a resource that SPGroup2 does not have read access to, resulting in the access denied error.

    Troubleshooting to date:
    1. First, I tried to give increasingly higher security rights within the wiki list.  Even with Full Control, SPGroup2 still gets the access denied error message, so I don't think the problem is with the list.
    2. Next, I looked at masterpage references and SPGroup2 has restricted read rights to the main site collection master page gallery and the master page gallery at the team site level.
    3. The only way I could seem to make it work was to give SPGroup2 restricted read permissions at the root of the team site.  Clearly, this gives the group way more access that we want to allow and is not a feasible solution.  However, it highlights the fact that there is some resource that SPGroup2 now has read access to that it needs in the call to CreateWebPage.aspx.  It also indicates that the resource required is scoped at the team site level or below.

    I'm stumped as to where to look next.  I would imagine someone else has run into this scenario and would greatly appreciate any assistance or pointers.

    Thanks in advance.


    Thursday, September 4, 2008 4:14 PM

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  • this might fix your issue

    I was getting the same Access Denied even thought I was the SharPoint farm admin and the big Kahuna!!!

    there was an issue that MS found about editing items on Document Libraries, and the WIKIs are located there

    just run a google search for KB971351 and look for a script in codeplex for the same KB

    You cannot edit list items on existing SharePoint sites even if you already installed build 12.0.6336.5001 of the hotfix that is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article 961175

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 8:30 PM