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  • Hi,

    is there a way to use client object model that already exist in timesheet satellite jsgid to submit timesheet? when you use ribbon to control timesheet jsGrid, there is a TimesheetSubmitTimesheetLines() method in timesheet Satellite _pwaWebService.

    the exact function is :


    _satellite._pwaWebService.TimesheetSubmitTimesheetLines(psiArgs,fnOnSuccess,fnOnFailur, optWebServiceName)

    and there is no clue that what is psiArgs and optWebserviceName?

    i want to override existing timesheet submit button in timesheet page for some client side checking (i already use server side event handlers) before submit timesheet and i dont want call timesheet webservice server side.

    Is there a resource for these client side functions?



    I found appropriate function to update and submit and all other timesheet actions (Recall / Reject / Approve / Submit / Save ,... ).

    existing "save" and "submit Timesheet" ribbon buttons uses _satellite.Submit(); and _satellite.Save();

    and for submitting just use _satellite.Submit(); instead of above function!

    There is a weird problem , my new ribbon button enabledScript doesn't work, i even write a function to always return false but that button is always enabled!

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  • the always enabled problem of ribbon buttons is for IE cache, if you delete all cache it will work!

    how to disable client cache for ribbon based files? (.js , ...)

    i think <meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="no-cache"> may help this cache stupid problem!

    Aria Cop
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