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  • As a follow up to CECompactTools on Codeplex, which put back some of the "missing links" in Compact 2013, CECompactToolsExtras Version 1.0 have been released. These are a new suite of tools that provide additional functionality, not an update to the original tools. When placed in the 3rdParty folder of the WECE800 folder, become Catalog options under Third Party and manifest as OS Subprojects when selected:

    • CoreconForever
      • Like Compact3ForeverShell, loops forever restarting Corecon whenever its shutdown which happens when a developer disconnects, so that you can always connect when doing SDK development. Includes the CoreCon components.
      • It has been observed that when a develop system targets another system, Corecon exits on the original target. It can also die when the app under develop become errant.
      • Configured to autostart if AutoLaunch is included in the OS.
    • Ipconfig Win
      • Runs a managed app at OS start to display IP address. Useful for development of SDK apps where IP is required for Corecon. Requires the AutoLaunch component.
    • IPConsole
      • As per IPConfigWin but outputs IP address over COM1. Useful for headless devices. Also requires the AutoLaunch component.
    • Setpass
      • Configures Telnet and FTP:
        • User is Admin password is Admin
        • The root of both is \
      • Requires Telnet and/or FTP server Catalog Component.
      • Provides the addition configurations required to use Telnet and FTP server with an authenticated login through included registry settings and that it to is configured to AutoLaunch at OS start.
      • Can run app at anytime to set the password.
      • The app is required as the password can't be configured as part of the OS  build.
    • RemoveRegistrySettings
      • A simple example of how to remove registry settings that a BSP or MS has "hardwired" into the OS.
    • StreamDriver
      • Not to be comfused with StreamDriver device drivers generated by
      • A set of apps to load an existing stream driver unload it, disable etc.
        • See source for details.
        • Driver name is UART and loads as COM
          • But these can be changed in source.
        • StreamDriverBasicTest: Just opens and closes a loaded stream driver
        • StreamDriverLoad: Loads the driver setting using existing registry settings by removing disable flag.
        • StreamDriverUnload: Unloads the driver
        • StreamDriverRelaod: Reloads the driver without loading registry settings
        • StreamDriverDisable: Sets flag in registry so it won't load, or undoes this.

      • Useful when bringing up a new driver where you don't want it to load when the OS starts.

    DJaus Snr SW Dev (Embedded Systems and .NET)

    Saturday, October 4, 2014 3:14 AM