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  • So yesterday my computer started to act up. It was behaving normally before this and I'm not quite sure what happened. Many programs as well as background processes bring up error messages on launch saying:

    This application requires one of the following versions of the .NET Framework:


    Do you want to install this .NET Framework version now?

    I click yes and it opens up a browser page that automatically downloads the .NET Framework version. However, when I try to install it says:

    Your installation will not occur. See below for reasons why.


    .NET Framework 4.6.1 or a later update is already installed on this computer.

    If it's already installed, why are multiple programs and processes not functional? I've looked everywhere on google but can't seem to find a working solution to my problem. I've tried finding and deleting the different .NET Framework versions, but this error message still pops up. (I feel like doing this caused many more problems than I originally had.)

    Please help?

    Sunday, December 27, 2015 3:35 PM


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  • You can check to see if your .NET Framework 4.0 is OK with this tool:

    Run the tool with .NET 4.0 selected, then check the last few lines of the tool log for the test app return code. If the return code is 0, your .NET 4.0 is correctly installed and configured.

    If the return code is not 0, the framework is corrupt and will have to be repaired. Repair procedures vary depending on your Windows version, so please share the version with us.

    Sunday, December 27, 2015 10:31 PM
  • The return code is 0, but then why would so many programs claim they need the .NET Framework and not work? Also, when I look in my list of programs in the control panel, all it shows of the Framework are the Framework version 1.1 and ASP.NET MVC 4 Runtime.  Windows 10 by the way.


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    Monday, December 28, 2015 4:39 PM
  • I've also just realized that all this trouble started happening when I uninstalled a program called Gamespy Comrade. Maybe that has something to do with it?


    Monday, December 28, 2015 8:08 PM
  • On Win 10, you will not find .NET Framework versions 2 through 4.6 in the installed programs list because they are built into the OS. You will find listings for 3.5.1 (includes 2 and 3) and 4.6 (includes 4.0 through 4.5.2) in the Windows Features list:

    Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on and off...

    The tool I linked for you earlier also shows which .NET versions are on your system in the first ~20 lines of the tool log.

    Your issues running programs could well be due to OS corruption. If you want to try to repair your Windows 10, here is the place to get help:

    Monday, December 28, 2015 10:49 PM