How to filter the Event Data from the EventHub when consuming data? RRS feed

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  • We know the EventHub has the filter function. I'm designing a new solution for a customer and it looks like EventHubs are great for sending and receiving our near-realtime data. Downside is when receiving the data, we receive all data of all our devices in the world. Most of the time, our clients only want to see data of one (or a few) device. We could of course filter the data by ourselves, client side, but this would cost a lot of bandwith.

    From the FeedBack, it said Filters will be tied to Consumer Groups. And I Check the Consumer Group Class, it has the Create Time and Update Time, but it has no set Function,

    So how to use the Consumer Group to filter Event Data during the Receiving data?

    Because in our solution, we use the EventHubHost to consume data, if our service bus worker role restart, we will receive all data in the EventHub, but we only want to receive the latest data,

    If we use the EventHubHost to consume data, can we also to filter data? If yes, how to do?

    Thanks very much!

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015 3:13 AM


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