Boot stops at "verifying dmi pool data"


  • Hi at all,

    I have a XPE Image which runs fine. On the image are self developed tools running, which connect to the internet via a UMTS-USB modem.

    The only problem I have is running the image on a specific PC in a combination with a specific modem type. The boot stops at "verifying dmi pool data". I tried ervery settings in the bios. I also included CDFS on the image, which I not need but the modem is mounted as an USB-drive. Nothing helps. It stops for 5-10 Minutes. Weird is that it doesn't happen if I boot the machine without the modem, plug the modem in and then reboot with the modem plugged in.

    I'm not quite sure if it's a XPE issue, but I wanted to know if anybody is aware of this problem.


    Thursday, March 12, 2009 7:22 AM

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  • Hi

    I can answer part of this, the message "verifying dmi pool data" is from your BIOS and is part of the boot strap routine that is used to verify that table of data that the BIOS reports to the operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc...) is correct. If you hang here, you have not reached the operating system initialization phase, you are still in the BOOT phase of the BIOS initialization.

    When you unplug the device and plug it into Windows after boot, you have gotten past the BIOS initialization and the operating system is free to take over the hardware with its own drivers. The magic of Plug and Play is also at work here as Windows is configuring the machine to work correctly with the drivers that are installed.

    You can consult the documentation for the BIOS or talk to the manufacturer about this problem and see if they have an update for you.


    Lead SDET
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 3:11 PM
  • also u might find that during the detection phase the modem is mis -reporting itself. I noticed that a lot of these usb modems during intial boot stage can be detected as multiple devices, namely cdrom drive, usb mass storage device and such, if your bios is in auto detect mode it can cause a hang at various points.

    You might try changing the bios and removing the auto detect drives feature and instead manual set the drives up and not worry about the usb portion. ensure you dont have it set to try to boot from usb devices as well.

    good luck

    Friday, April 03, 2009 12:02 PM