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    Windows Phone 8 devices allow OTA (over the air) updates to your device to make it easier for your device to keep up to date with the latest version of Windows Phone.  To allow developers the chance to test their applications before these updates are made generally available, Microsoft offers the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program. 


    Program Prerequisites
    How do developers get early access to the Windows Phone Preview for Developers Program? 


    Version Details:
    Windows Phone 8.1 Update:

    • v8.10.12359
    • v8.10.12382
    • v8.10.12393
    • v8.10.12397
    • v8.10.12400 (Latest)


    Important Links:

    News Updates:
    Introducing Developer Preview Program (Blog Post) – Oct. 14th, 2013
    Windows Phone 8.1 – Developer Preview Program Announcement (Blog Post) – April 14th, 2014
    Windows Phone 8.1 – Developer Preview Program Update (Blog Post) – May 14th, 2014
    Windows Phone 8.1 - Third Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers - June 12th, 2014


    Support Links:
    Developer Preview Program – Developer SDK Support Forum
      Forum for developers who need support creating their applications in the preview.
    Developer Preview Program – Eligibility and Registration Support Forum
      Forum for anyone who is having issues registering to be a developer, or provision their phone using the “Preview for Developers” application.
    Developer Preview Program – OS Issues Consumer Support
      Once your device takes an update and you have an issue using the phone, this is the best place to go for help.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q:  How do I know what version I have installed?

    A:  On your phone, swipe left to your application list and open “Settings”, then “About”.  Once “About” is open tap “More Info” and you will then see the version detail under “OS Version”.  Compare the version you have on your device to the current available version above.


    Q:  How many updates will I need to perform to get to Windows Phone 8.1 from my 8.0 Device?

    A:  The normal update process from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1 requires a minimum of 2 updates (8.0 Update 3 first, 8.1 Update second) to fully update.  However, the amount of software and firmware updates that you may need to take may vary. 


    Q:  I updated to v.8.10.12359 but I am unable to update to the new build

    A:  First, make sure your device is still on the Preview for Developer program.  If you had hard reset your device since installing 12359 you may to reinstall the “Preview for Developers” app and set it up again to take the next update.  To make sure you are enrolled in the program, go to the Preview for Developers app, sign in (if necessary), and check the box next to “Enable Preview for Developers”.  If your device is enabled for the update but no new version is made available to you:  There are a small set of devices for which we aren’t offering the latest build of the Developer Preview program due to an identified problem that requires mobile operator or OEM driver updates.  These will be offered when the official update for your phone is available.    


    Q:  When I try to update my device to Windows Phone 8.1, I receive error 80188309

    A:  First, please try opening the “Preview for Developers” app and unchecking the box next to “Enable Preview for Developers” and then tap done.  Go to Settings > Phone update and take any publicly available software or firmware updates.  Once done, please re-enable “Preview for Developers” application and check for updates again.  If you continue to receive this error, please see this thread and update it with the requested information.


    Q: After updating to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview Program, my device is not responding.

    A: The device may appear to be unresponsive and/or have turned itself off due to a technical issue.  Please follow the instructions in Knowledge Base article #2749480.


    Q:  I have a feature I would like to see in Windows Phone 8/8.1, how can I request it to be added?

    A:  We always enjoy hearing from our customers, and understand how we can improve the phone to make your life that much easier.  We have partnered with Uservoice.com to collect valuable feedback from you and other users online and allow the community to vote their favorite feature requests for possible addition in future releases.  To provide your feedback, please head to one of the below links and let your voice be heard.

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