How to Get Large no.of data using Linq queries RRS feed

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    var query = (from Pending in obj.customer_pending_items
                         join Sub in obj.nacs_sub_category on Pending.sub_category_id equals Sub.id
                         join Cat in obj.item_category on Sub.category_id equals Cat.id
                         where Pending.submitted_date >= FirstDate && Pending.submitted_date <= LastDate
                         orderby Pending.upc_code
                         select new GridDetails
                             ID = Pending.id,
                             SubmittedDate = Pending.submitted_date,
                             SubCatID = Pending.sub_category_id,
                             ImageExist = Pending.imageexist,
                             Description = Pending.description,
                             Price = Pending.price,
                             Quantity = Pending.quantity,
                             UPC = Pending.upc_code,
                             CustomerName = Pending.customer_name,
                             Category = Cat.category,
                             SubCategory = Sub.sub_category,
                             Status = Pending.status,
                             CatID = Cat.id,
                             ActionDate = Pending.action_date

    when i trye to execute the linq querie between the dates when it will small data it will be executed . but when search period will be gone into years of data then it will showing the error session timed out. so how can i handle large no.of rows data to display using linq query

    Friday, September 19, 2014 12:48 AM


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