Trying to recreate =SUM(C1:C10) in a calculated column RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am new to Powerpivot and have been trying to get to grips with the differences between formulas in DAX and the formulas available in EXCEL.

    I am currently transfering a database from ACCESS to SQL Server and attempting to recreate the Excel spreadsheets with Powerpivot.

    The problem I am having is that the old versions of the excel spreadsheet bases calculations off cells which are populated from the database. I do not know the best way to recreate this within Powerpivot. I have attempted to use Measures, Calculated Columns and also converting the powerpivot table into formulas.

    Could anyone suggest the best way of creating a column which totals the sum of cells c1:c10. I currently am having to to this by saying =SUMX([table], [c1] + [c2] + [c3] .... + [c10])

    This is not feasible for other sections which encompass several hundred cells.

    Any suggestions or similar situations overcome would be greatly appreciated.

    Monday, June 18, 2012 2:44 PM

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