MSDN Online Library: Missing Navigation Icons in LightWeight Style Mode RRS feed

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  • While reading MSDN Online books like the one about LINQ, I'm missing icons to browse through the content without having to move the mouse or search for the next document to read.

    So I'd like to suggest to add the following statically positioned icons to the navigation tree:

    [UP]   |   [DOWN]   |   [NEXT]   |   [PREVIOUS]   |   [FIRST]

    These icons should fulfill the purpose of HTML5 <link> elements' rel attributes:

    • UP should navigate to the parent of the current document
    • DOWN should navigate to the first child of the current document
    • NEXT should navigate to the next sibling of the current document
    • PREVIOUS should navigate to the previous sibling of the current document
    • FIRST should navigate to the first sibling of the current document

    Moreover, it would be cool to add some (unused) keyboard combinations to browse through the content, like:

    • <CTRL>+<LEFT ARROW>  =  UP
    • <CTRL>+<DOWN ARROW>  =  NEXT

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