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  • Hi! I want to make a practicing log for my rehearsals in Excel. I want the opportunity to practice at least three times during a day and each time I practice during a day I want to save what I have practiced and for how long. For instance I can have thee columns:

    Warming up, Pieces, Technical rehearsals
    16 min, 19 min, 12 min.

    In each rehearsal I do, I want to have sub-rehearsals. For example, when I am warming up, I usually do some 'long tones' and 'breathing exercises'. I want to have a list in the top of the document that will look kind of like this:

    Waming up: 
    -long tones
    -breathing exercises

    -Neruda's trumpet concert

    I want these to have checkboxes and that within each day I can 'save' which of these things I have rehearsed. Said in another way: In each cell there is saved which of these tings I have checked off, so when I move to another day/cell, the boxes I have checked off is different. Is that possible?
    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 6:56 AM


  • If 'twas me, I'd go simple and build a single row/rehearsal with each item of interest as a different column:

    RehearsalDate - Warmup - WU Long Tones - WU Breating - WU whatever - Pieces - P Neruda - P whatever - Technical - T sub1 - T sub2 - etc

    Then I'd list the times in the primary columns (Warmup, Pieces, Technical) and just put an 'x' in the appropriate sub-activity column.

    This gives you a way to sort by any item, build charts, run pivots, whatever.

    What are your reporting needs? It's often easiest to start with your required outputs and then build your inputs. If you go the other way, it's pretty easy to wind up with a great data set that you can't use.

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    Wednesday, March 25, 2015 10:52 AM