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    I am quite new to windows workflow. I have gone through some articles on the web and now I have the impression that you'd always need some strongly typed object (like for e.g. a person class - cf example give @ http://www.nilzorblog.com/2011/11/using-wf4-as-rule-engine.html) to make your wf engine work. 

    My requirement is more like act on data residing in a table. So I'd do some operations like substrings, contains, etc on data which is similar to data stored in a string datatype. The schema of this table might be dynamic from company to company. Given this nature of problem how can you make use of WWF rules engine? Or can we use it?

    Can we also have the rules defined defined from another independent system and input into the engine at runtime?

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    Monday, May 13, 2013 9:26 AM