Search result is fragmented for huge result set RRS feed

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  • Hi, I have a problem with my sharepoint site's search capability, it seems that when whenever I perform a search on keyword terms which returns a large result set (e.g. > 5k results), the search result gets fragmented.

    I'm sorting my search result by modified date and when i do a search for keywords that return large results, i wont see the recently uploaded articles, i'd only see articles sorted on the top from when i did an index reset on my search index, or when i try to narrow my search by using the metadata filters (e.g. limiting to articles for past month only).

    Lets say we did an index reset and full crawl on 1st June, and today, I do a search for a common keyword 'Bank' on my site, the results sorted by modified date will list the top article that's posted from 1st June as latest, rather than articles posted from 1st June till now, only if i do a filter for articles say for the past 3 months, then will I see the latest articles. 

    The problem seems fine if I perform a search for rare or specific keywords which returns less results (e.g. < 500 matches), and as for replicating the issue, we couldnt seem to replicate it on our development environment, which i reckon is due to the lack of amount of articles. 

    Has anyone encountered this issue before or have a clue on what's causing the issue? We only notice the issue always cuts-off at the last time we do an index reset.

    Thursday, July 11, 2013 7:04 AM