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  • Hi,
          I have migrated my application software from Visual studio 2005 to 2008.My application contains 1 main project and 9 subprojects. After migrating I want to run the application in a fresh XP machine (in which VS2008 does not installed). When i am trying to run it is giving error related to some dlls missing. I have gathered those dlls and kept in appripreated folder. The list of dll's are commctrl.dll,CoreDll.dll,msvcp90d.dll,dwmapi.dll,ieshims.dll,msvcr90d.dll,MFC90UD.DLL,mmvcp70.dll,mmvcr70.dll,wer.dll,bcrypt.dll,ws2help.dll,ws2.dll.
    Eventhough we are providing those dlls also it is giving the error related to commctrl.dll,bcrypt.dll,mmvcp70.dll,mmvcr70.dll.
          When I changed "Use of MFC"property (for only the main project) in Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->General->project defaults to "Use MFC in a Static Library", i can able to run the main excutable file in a fresh xp system (which does not have the VS2008) . But when i am tryinhg to build complete applicatin (1 main project and 9 sub projects) it is giving the following error for all 9 sub projects"error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Registering ActiveX Control..."
          Please suggest me how to resolve this issue?

    GangaRaju G

       To resolve the above "MFC static library" issue, I have used the release version of my application ("Use MFC in a Shared DLL") and provided the redistributable dlls (atl90.dll, mfc90.dll,mfc90u.dll,mfcm90.dll,mfcm90u.dll,msvcm90.dll,msvcp90.dll,msvcr90.dll,mfcmifc80.dll). My application has some pre-request dlls(eg. ATLImageControl.dll) which are internally uses COM object and MFC extened dlls. so i have provied commctrl.dll, CoreDll.dll along with depend dlls (which are shown when checking with the dependency walker) in target machine. Now it is not giving any error, but the application is running in the target machine. But ATLImageControl component does not created in the target machine, so i deployment is not success in target machine.
    How can i resolve this issue? is there dlls need to provide while deploying COM related application in a target machine?

        Thanks in advance

    Gangaraju G
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