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  • Hi team,

    I am unable to delete published project in project server 2013.

    I need a code to delete published project programmatically, Actually I tried to delete project with Delete enterprise objects then project has been deleted from Delete draft and published projects option, but its not delete from Delete only published projects option. project is going to queue i.e. The selected Projects have been scheduled for deletion. please help me to delete a project programmatically.

    Queue job error is below:

      • Error:
        • ProjectDeleteFailure (23006). Details: id='23006' name='ProjectDeleteFailure' uid='1ad3b4c9-f8c8-e611-816c-005056a12815' projectuid='7b8a1fc0-95ff-45a3-a0a1-b5ee2c94282f' messagetype='Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.QueueMsg.DeleteSRAMessage' messageID='7' stage='' blocking='DontBlock'.
      • Queue:
      • GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectDelete.DeleteSRAMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='1bd3b4c9-f8c8-e611-816c-005056a12815' JobUID='9ac987c6-f8c8-e611-816c-005056a12815' ComputerName='ca844884-2bef-41ce-8f50-0ee81fae78b3' GroupType='ProjectDelete' MessageType='DeleteSRAMessage' MessageId='7' Stage='' CorrelationUID='acd5c39d-c5c8-a001-e78b-37c21ce373e9'. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine ca844884-2bef-41ce-8f50-0ee81fae78b3 for entries with JobUID 9ac987c6-f8c8-e611-816c-005056a12815

    Harjinder kumar SharePoint Developer

    Friday, December 23, 2016 10:14 AM

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